Best Infant Car Seat Customer Reports

For kids who are up to 2 years old of age, this recent addition to the family of infant car seats from Britax can prove to be one of the best options. At a facing forward position, it can support 25-85 pounds. However, with the use of the booster seat adjustment, it is perfect even for babies weighing up to 100 pounds. With the impact protection feature, one of the things commonly cited in various top rated infant car seats customer reports, it is possible for the babies to be given the highest level of protection to prevent injuries in case of collision.

The marathon 70 Convertible Car Seat is a reflection of the commitment of Britax towards continuously being able to bring new innovations in the product category to help ensure the safety of infants while they are inside the car. The efficiency in its design places a high level of focus on the protection of the head of babies. Because of the lower gravity center, the product delivers a more superior stability compared to those manufactured by other brands.

Infant Car Seat

The 5-point harness that is incorporated in this product makes it possible to provide a high level of support for babies who are weighing up to 55 pounds. Many best infant car seat customer reports have highlighted the different innovative features of this model. For instance, the SafeCell Technology, one thing that is common in other car seats from Britax, makes it possible for the body of the babies to be given maximum protection if a crash occurs.

The highly advanced set of protective features that are incorporated in this car seat from Graco has often been regarded by many top rated infant car seats customer reviews as one of the reasons on why it is popular in the market. It is a high back booster, making it possible for babies to be protected even if their weight reaches 100 pounds. It has undergone a series of rigorous tests and has proven its ability to sustain various crashes. In addition, it has a side-impact protection mechanism and a highly durable body structure.

This model of infant car seat from Britax has achieved and satisfied various international standards and requirements for child safety, making it a common choice for many parents. It has a SafeCell Technology and the ability to provide maximum protection for babies weighing up to 70 pounds. It has a superb ability to limit the injuries for children, in case they are involved in a car accident.