This Is What You Need to Know about Same Day Interstate Courier

Nowadays, we can transport almost anything from one place to another place, even though it is located in another country. We can transport people, animals, and the unthinkable things such as huge planes. To transport people, we use passenger airline. Meanwhile, as humans’ need tend to grow and now we also need transportation that can carry heavy stuff, we use the cargo services. The services can be divided into three major divisions: sea, ground, and air. However, the most popular shipping process recently is the air cargo service. One of the services is the Australian-based airline freight namely We are about to tell you how interesting it is learning about Same Day Interstate Courier!

What is Same day air freight?

Imagine if you have emergency deliveries that need to be delivered as soon as possible to another state. The package would not make it on time if you use ordinary service. The fastest a ground shipping service can do is at least one day. Imagine if you need the parcel to arrive at the destination in three hours? Learning about Same Day Interstate Courier means you are learning about deliver the parcel on the same day as the order is requested. That is all about same day air freight in a brief.

Same Day Interstate Courier

What Service Does It Offer?

As a same-day delivery service which relies on airline freight, the company offers the following services for customers:

  • Emergency deliveries
  • Next flight deliveries
  • Interstate deliveries
  • Same day deliveries
  • 3 hours express courier
  • Weekend deliveries
  • After hours deliveries
  • Online booking system

All of those services are accommodated by the Same Day Couriers who are the standby in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Learning about Same Day Interstate Courier means you have to know how it works. This is a scheme on how the same day air freight processes the parcel and proceeds to the shipping process.

This Is How It Works to Urgently Deliver Your Parcel on the Same Day

First of all, you need to register online. This would allow you to place a book on an air freight that is used by the cargo service. Secondly, the system will allocate you to the interstate courier near you and give you the name of the carrier, including the phone number to ease the communication during the delivery. Third, you will always be notified of where your parcel is. This notification will be sent to your email. The last process requires you to pay the charge by using the credit card. You are now learning about Same Day Interstate Courier properly because you have now understood how the system works.

So, what is Same Day Interstate Courier?

Now, you are learning about Same Day Interstate Courier deeper. An interstate courier is a courier provided by The same day air freight to standby for your parcel. Interstate couriers of same day air freight are available in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. The courier will pick up your parcel and put it on the next available flight to deliver it urgently on the same day to its destination point. From there, the parcel will be delivered to you by an interstate courier who has been ready for it before. That is why this is the right choice for those of you need an immediate service of interstate air cargo delivery service.

International Shipping Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Shipping things worldwide can be really confusing for the first time beginners. But, this doesn’t mean that you cannot learn for it. If you want to selfpack international shipping, there are some solutions that you should do in order to get your stuff shipped well.

Many people get their stuff to be shipped without learning and they get confused when they have to get to the shipping agency, which will mAre you going to ship some things overseas? There are some things you should do to make sure that your self-pack international shipping will suit all requirements.

Shipping Container

Take it more complicated. Thus, as a beginner or the owner of small business, you should know the tricks to make your packing acceptable to be shipped overseas.

The Preparation of Shipping Worldwide

As you will ship the things worldwide, you should know that there are some things to consider and how to prepare your shipping. The first thing is of course about the material. All things that will go in international shipping needs to be securely prepared.

For example, when you want to ship the things that might not be broken like clothes, you will need simple but sturdy packing. But, when it comes to the glass or other fragile things, the extra safety should be added to the shipping packing. This is the basic thing you have to understand when you want to get best result of self-pack international shipping. For the fragile things, consider adding padded paper and bubble wrap to avoid and damage.

All Things You Have to Know of Overseas Shipping

When you want to self-pack international shipping, you have to know that you will be charged by the volume of your goods. The volume of your packing should be in 42” x 44”. The size of your boxes should be in this size, but you can stack the stuff for almost 85”. If you have many boxes to ship at a time, there will be palletizing service for making sure that you will not lose the boxes you have to ship.

The volume of your stuff is also considerable when you want to ship the things worldwide. Each box that you will ship should not excess more than 50 lbs. This is important to keep it in mind in order to avoid any additional fee. The awkward things should also considered to be packed properly. For example, when you want to self-pack international shipping things that are long enough, make sure that the length is not more than 10”. If you get more than 10”, contact the provider to custom the additional fees.

The last thing is about how you organize your things when you ship them. Consider having the things all organized well. For example, you can label the boxes with what’s inside it. The box 1 can be filled with document and the second box filled with the clothes.

Besides of labeling the content, you should also make sure that your shipping packing is fulfilling the regulation of the destination country. Some countries have different, unique regulation that makes your shipping should be inspected. Thus, you better know the further information of your destination country to make self-pack international shipping easier.